Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)

Protein Riegel MIX Paket (Schachtel mit 20 / 30 x 40g)

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Erleben Sie die volle Geschmackspalette und wählen Sie aus einer Schachtel mit gemischten Proteinriegeln - schwarze Johannisbeere, Kakao, Erdnuss, Mango und Kurkuma!

✅ Nur natürliche Inhaltsstoffe.
Nährstoffreich bei jedem Bissen.

✅ Proteinriegel sind mit pflanzlichem Protein angereichert.

✅ Vegan-freundlich.

✅ Frei von Gluten, künstlichen Farben oder Aromen, Palmöl und Transfetten.

✅ Köstlich und befriedigend.

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Best Browine bars!

Wann zu verwenden

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Breakfast – when mornings get busy, grab a bar and go

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Between meals – um den Hunger zu stillen und Junkie-Snacks zu vermeiden

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Workout – Energieschub vor und nach dem Training

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Travel – Vergessen Sie ungesundes, schrottiges Flugzeugessen

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Dessert – befriedigen Sie Ihre Naschkatze mit einer gesünderen Alternative

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Finding Natural Snacks Shouldn't Be So Hard

Have you ever checked the conventional protein or energy bar ingredient label?

Usually you'll find a long list of ingredients, some harder to pronounce than others plus fillers, artificial additives, palm oil and more.

The Beginnings offers you a healthier alternative – 100% natural protein & energy bars that are made from just a few ingredients, are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and will provide you with energy pre / post workout, on-the-go or between meals.

Better Than Snickers

But how about the flavor? Does natural equals not-so-delicious?

Quite the opposite. We've put a lot of work in developing protein & energy bar recipes that taste delicious!

It's a bold but a true statement – our bars are better than Snickers, both flavor and ingredient wise. 

What's Inside?

The Beginnings bars are filled with healthy, fiber-rich, real food ingredients – nuts, seeds, dried fruit and berries.

To make our bars even more nutrient-dense, we add superfoods like cacao, turmeric, chia seeds and more.

We never use any fillers, artificial colors or flavors, palm oil, soy or trans-fats.

Ingredients And Nutritional Value

Cacao Protein Bar
Turmeric Protein Bar
Mango & Chia Seed Bar
Peanut Protein Bar
Black Currant Protein Bar

What People Say About The Beginnings Bars

The Beginnings protein and energy bars are always on my hand! As I’m a dancer, for me they’re a delicious and energising snack pre / post my dance sessions. My favorites are the peanut butter and cacao bars!

Baiba Klints

Internationale Tänzerin und Choreografin

The Beginnings bars are great for my travels and hikes. They'll give a healthy and delicious energy dose for anyone who’s living an active lifestyle!

Madars Apse

Profi Skateboarder

The Beginnings protein and energy bars are a great solution for physically active people, especially those who follow a vegan diet. I enjoy grabbing some bars along when traveling. 

Laila Vesate

Star Fitnesstrainerin

The Beginnings Bars In Your Daily Life

Gesunde Snacks für unterwegs


Zusatz zu Ihrem Frühstück


Natürliche Energie während Wanderungen


How Our Team Snacks On The Beginnings Protein & Energy Bars

We don’t just tell other people to enjoy The Beginnings bars.
We snack on them, too.

I always carry along some of our bars to have something healthy to snack on between meals. And when going for a hike, I always make sure I put some bars in my bag!

Matīss Eglītis

CEO of The Beginnings

When traveling or on the go, I take some The Beginnings bars with me. They're a great snack for both plane travels or when exploring new cities or hiking trails!

Raitis Velps

Marketing Director of The Beginnings

I love using our bars in my morning smoothie bowls or other breakfast dishes – they make the most delicious topping and add a dose of energy!

Oksana Dāve

Export Manager of The Beginnings


Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)

Protein & Energy Bar MIX BUNDLE (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)

Experience the full flavor palette and choose of box of mixed protein and energy bars – black currant, cacao, peanut, mango and turmeric! 

✅ Only natural ingredients.
Nutrient-dense with every bite.
✅ Protein bars are enhanced with plant-based protein.
Free from gluten, artificial colors or flavors, palm oil and trans-fats.
✅ Delicious and satisfying.
✅ Recommended by fitness trainers.


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